Get a Scholarship for Studies and Get an Internship in Europe

  • No financial obligations
  • No financial risks
  • No requirements for professional experience
  • Admissions according to online test scores
  • Possibility to receive free education on a scholarship
  • IT diploma issued upon completion
  • Guaranteed internship in Europe
  • Assistance to get a visa for the internship
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Enrolls significant number of students and delivers exceptional professionals
european diploma

Upfront tuition fees are covered by BIT

Those who pass the admissions test, at the end of it receive a final control question, correct answer to which opens the doors to study at Baltic Institute of Technology. The whole tuition fee is covered by us, so there's no need for a down payment. This program allows you to study for free and make a priceless investment worth up to 10 000 euros into your future. This amount is due when and if you are employed with a gross salary of 2000 euros and above per month. When you reach this threshold, you will start making monthly payments depending on your salary until you settle the whole amount due.

What makes Lithuania a worthy candidate for your studies abroad?

european diploma It's always been a dream to leave home and find that way to expand knowledge.
Josemaria Iworah
International student in Lithuania
european diploma Practicals here in Lithuanian University are top-notch.
Michael Ifeanyichukwu Iworah
International student in Lithuania
european diploma Many people from Nigeria are planning to come to Vilnius by my recommendations.
International student in Lithuania

Your diploma is a ticket to an internship

IT diploma is required for an internship in Europe.

There are no financial obligations, meaning that you have all the liberty to choose if you need the diploma and/or the internship. In case you choose to terminate your studies, not to use all the benefits coming along with the diploma or take an internship in Europe, no fee or fine will be applied. This leaves you with total freedom to decide yourself!

Price of the diploma: optional/€ 250
Price of the internship: optional/€ 3,000
Duration of the internship: 3 months
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Study program

During our 7 months program you will learn using Javascript programming language (5,5 months) and will become a certified software tester (1,5 months). During the course you will have to attend 8 hours of online classes every day. You will be provided with a whole package of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments. Upon graduation you will be able to apply your knowledge in everyday practice. This is essential for those wanting to join the IT labour market.

Meet the front man of our program - Jaunius Pinelis

Jaunius boasts over 7 years of experience in programming applications for large industrial sector players using .NET and Microsoft technologies. He graduated informatics studies from the University of Edinburgh, later worked at several companies in Cambridge, UK, and is currently employed by AML - Analytics Fin-tech, where he is a part of a small team developing complicated financial instruments to banks, ensuring prevention of money laundering operations. Jaunius has been involved in various kinds of projects (mostly medical/financial) and worked on countless tasks: from design prototyping to database query optimisation.

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Knowledge application

Studying at BIT you will establish a strong foundation of computer programming in a relatively short time and will also obtain a specialization. The knowledge gained during the course will correspond to a wide variety of labour market demands. As a result, your internship in Europe will allow you to thrivingly join a team, successfully perform the assigned tasks and seek advancements in your career.

european diploma
Web developer
european diploma
App developer
european diploma
Quality assurance specialist
european diploma
Automated data collection
european diploma
IT project management

What will you be able to do after the course?

Web developer
App developer
Quality assurance specialist: manual testing, automated testing
Automated data collection (scraping)
IT project management

Demand for specialists

DEMAnd for specialists Over the next 10 years
Available positions in IT sector 2020
Job placement ratE
over 2000
No of students properly trained for internships
data was collected using:
european diploma european diploma

Employer testimonials

" ‘Great reviews. During the internship the student was given a variety of tasks from database documentation to automated API tests and complex app development. I can testify he has back-end as well as front-end technical knowledge, is proactive and completes the tasks brilliantly.’
Team Manager, Audrius Jakaitis
SEB Global Service
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" ‘We loved the student. She managed to become part of a team within a month. The student is a fast-learner, self-sufficient and friendly. During the internship she successfully collaborated with a colleague and completed a project.’
HR dep
Alna Software
european diploma

Application for internship visa as easy as 123

Graduation from BIT study program greatly facilitates the issuing of visas because in such cases our school sends out invitations to visit the EU and arranges appointments with IT firms regarding internships. Our students are offered placements in different countries and cities around the EU.

european diploma
1 School invitation
european diploma
2 Apply to the embassy
european diploma
3 Buy tickets and fly to an internship place EU
STEP 1: You receive an invitation from our school
STEP 2: You apply to the embassy
STEP 3: You purchase the tickets and travel to the location of our internship within the EUou buy tickets and fly to an internship place EU
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At Baltic Institute of technology, we warmly welcome members of all nations

Majority of European universities favour international students from EU and EEA by offering them better conditions and more advantages, whereas BIT is wide open to students from all counties and is determined to nurture every potential talent.

European IT market is especially promising to international students

Number of jobs available to Information and Communication Technologies specialists in Europe is constantly on the rise. The appeal of this profession lies in the distinctiveness of scope of work and endless possibilities for improvement, not to mention the competition among employers for talent and increasing salaries. This is why international students specializing in ITC usually discover their professional path right after graduation from their vocational studies.



The Baltic Institute of Technology is a certified educational institution licensed for vocational education. BIT has branches in three major Lithuanian cities.

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Baltic Institute of Technology

Saulėtekio al. 17, Vilnius
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BIT Kaunas Branch

Vytauto pr. 29 3a.
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BIT Klaipėda Branch

Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10-236k., Klaipėda

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